Electrolysis for Men

Men, too, want to put their best foot-or face-forward as they interact with others, be it in business or social settings. Sporting the "grandpa" image with distracting hair protruding from the ears or nostrils, or the "caveman" look with hairy nuckles, is not the way to make the right impression. And as every man knows, shaving is only a temporary solution.

Electrolysis is your permanent solution to your struggle with unwanted hair in such areas as the hairline, eyebrows, beard line, shoulders, back, neck, chest, ears and nose. Electrolysis also helps with ingrown hairs, a serious problem and constant irritation for many men.

So, gentlemen, what are you waiting for?  Take action today! Contact Greater Lansing Electrology or call 517-627-1129 to schedule a free consultation and take that first step on the road to a new you!